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Weight Loss Applied to The Hamptons Method


We, at The Hamptons Method are pleased to announce a newly restructured and enhanced 6 week program for you to realize “Your Permanent Weight Loss Solution”. Most people have found that it is not necessarily taking weight off that is difficult, after all many of you have been able to reach a desired weight at some point in time. However, The Hamptons Method in addition to helping you attain your desired weight, it will more importantly, help you “maintain your desired weight” permanently. For those of you attending the single session seminar at the Ed & Phyllis Davis Wellness Institute, during that seminar you are presented with the basics and underpinnings of attaining and maintaining weight loss. Many people find that this single seminar is sufficient to help them on their way to maintaining desired weight. Some people prefer a more intense and structured program. At the conclusion of the single session seminar, you be presented with information and the opportunity partake an intensive and comprehensive 6 week program. 

What does a 6 week program (consisting of 5 sessions) structured to help you with exactly what you need to in order to break free from the conscious & subconscious obstacles that have thus far prevented you from moving forward.

Week One: Orientation to the program and the research and science and practical application of hypnosis for weight loss. You may expect immediate and noticeable results within this first week. 

Week Two: Overcome emotional blocks on a subconscious level. This week focuses on removing lifelong life-long emotional/psychological blocks in order for you to make rapid changes. 

Week Three: Understanding the conscious and subconscious cues. By really understanding the conscious and subconscious cues and the strategy that can break these associations this week will emphasize the nutritional regimen and exercise to benefit in you reaching your goal. Remember each week you are moving closer and closer to attaining, and more importantly, maintaining your desired weight. 

Week Four: Eating patterns vs. activity patterns and motivation in hypnotherapy. Everyone has motivations, some are “to” motivations and some are “away” motivations.  This week will focus on helping you create new eating patterns and take action based on profound motivations.

Weeks 5 & 6: Comprehensive protocols and techniques to permanently and indelibly input deeply within subconscious the remaining components for again, attaining and maintaining permanently desired weight.

Both programs, individual and 6 week, participants are presented with necessary reinforcement audio program(s). Please feel free to call 631-288-4794 for more information.